"I am Unconditionally In love with the act of creating !!.......Period!"   :)



"It was such a joyful experience to work with such an experienced, humble and energetic personality. I was impressed by Daisy’s portfolio on Instagram and decided to get in touch with her for my maternity photo shoot. Before confirming her I had a long list of photographers, but ever since my first conversation with Daisy, I knew she was a perfect fit. I needed someone who can give his/her personal touch to this project as it was one of the key moments of my life. Here is how I’ll score Daisy for her work on my photoshoot: Empathy/personal touch: 5/5 Professionalism: 5/5 Creativity: 5/5 Patience: 4/5 Multi-talent (photography, makeup, communication):5/5 a +5 for being forthcoming and giving us a good deal on my baby’s photoshoot. Turnaround time: 5/5 To sum it up: I loved working with her, have ‘zero’ complaints. All the best & keep up the good work! Just a 1 spoiler! To the fathers who are accompanying the mothers, you guys better carry some entertaining and energising materials for yourself, coz it’s gonna be a long day for ya’ll!"

Behind The Scenes