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Hi , Im Daisy Naidu and welcome to my home :)/ Im an artist and photography is my dominant medium of expression.

Photographing families and Pregnancy portraits brings me great personal satisfaction. It has proved to be one of the most nourishing experiences of my life as It's not just about the final images but more significantly, it's about the process and the interactions. 

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As a child I remember my first family studio photo session, with my mom, dad and sister and It still holds a special place in my heart cause for me my dad and mom are still the same , etched in my memory and so are the experiences during the session. 

Photographing those moments of a couple's life  when they have already journeyed a hard 7 ot 8 months and are now anxiously awaiting the last few weeks for their precious little one, is an experience they will want to replay again and again and again , multiple times and photographs are the most significant enablers of this precious memory. I feel extremely privileged during every family session to be the one to capture those intimate and priceless moments. 

As a fashion photographer, I am acutely aware of how unique every person is and so are their likes and choices. Every parent has a certain vision of how they want their pregnancy pictures to look like and its style and narrative. I make every possible effort to customise sessions specifically for every couple so they have their own personal narrative to cherish for posterity. Evolution is fundamental in my art and I always look forward to creating something new and unique.